Paulo Morello & Kim Barth

Bossa Nova Legends

Bossa Nova is the real sound of Brazil.


Leny Andrade, Pery Ribeiro, Johnny Alf and Alaíde Costa have one thing in common: their important role in bossa nova history as creators and inovators. Alongside their friends Antonio Carlos Jobim and João Gilberto they helped turning bossa nova into a global phenomenon. The sound they created - sun-drenched rhythms and laid-back vocals - still defines Brazil today.

Following the successful tours by the Bossa Nova Legends, featuring the outstanding Brazilian vocal duo, Alaide Costa and Johnny Alf, the group's joint leaders, Morello & Barth, are presenting one of the greatest Bossa Nova singers ever:


Leny Andrade - current tour 2007/2008

After studying at the Brazilian Conservatory of Music, Leny Andrade performed with Sergio Mendes and the Dick Farney Orchestra in Rio´s leading bossa nova nightclubs. It was in 1965 that she really won widespread public recognition with the show “Gemini Cinco”, performing with Pery Ribeiro and Bossa Três. The live album of that show was a major success and kept them touring North- and South America for several years.In the 1970s and 80s she made various albums which mixed samba and bossa nova with a jazz flavour, a style that she had mastered so superbly. In 1993, Leny moved to New York and, in that year, appeared in more than 40 international jazz festivals.Widely regarded as the world’s leading bossa nova singer, she has worked with Charlie Byrd, Herbie Mann, Toots Thielemans and Paquito D’Rivera, who dedicated his composition “Song For Leny” to her. The New York Times recently described her as “the Sarah Vaughan of Brazil.”


Morello & Barth

The Bossa Nova Legends project was founded by guitarist Paulo Morello and saxophonist/flautist Kim Barth in 2001 after the two musicians visited Rio de Janeiro on a quest to broaden their musical horizons. The Rio atmosphere was so stimulating and inspiring that what was initially conceived as a weekend stay developed into a much longer sojourn. As Morello & Barth put it: “Everything just felt right – the music, the place, the people and the friendships we made.”

Morello & Barth lead a superb band that celebrates the incredible careers of the BOSSA NOVA LEGENDS, melting music history with the hippest contemporary sounds from Brazil.

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